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"I am 85 years old and had never sought chiropractic services until earlier this year. Suffering painfully from sciatica, I visited my family doctor who after a thorough examination suggested that I see Dr. Berman and handed me Dr. Berman’s business card. I visited Dr. Berman whose treatments thoroughly eliminated my problem after just a few treatments. Then, suffering severe lower back problems about 2 months later I returned to Dr. Berman who promptly treated and eliminated that problem as well. Recently my wife, Miriam, also appeared to be suffering from sciatica and is showing good progress after only two treatments. I should mention that both my wife and I find it hard to separate the chiropractic benefits from the social benefits with his staff who make us feel like family. "

- Irving and Miriam Feldman

"Dr. Berman treated me for a whiplash injury I got from a car accident. I had terrible neck pain traveling into my right arm and numbness in my hand. I work as hairdresser and just couldn’t afford to be out of work. As luck would have it ,a client recommended Dr. Berman. She stated that Dr. Berman specialized in treating accident victims and that he had helped her and many of the Kings Point residents. So, I went to see Dr. Berman. He and his staff took such good care of me and in a short time I was feeling just wonderful. Needless to say, I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Berman , especially accident victims."

- Martha Mannellino

"I have been going to Dr. Berman on and off for 12 years for flare-ups of my sciatica due to a disc herniation. I had chiropractic treatments in New York and when I moved to Florida I was worried that I wouldn’t find anyone as good. I had tried several other doctors without success. But, then a friend recommended Dr. Berman. Dr. Berman was able to relieve my pain almost immediately using adjustments as well as a special traction table called the leander table to reduce my disc herniation. I drive forty minutes from Lake Worth to see Dr. Berman whenever I get a flare-up because I don’t trust anyone else."

- Dale Ives

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