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Spinal Decompression

Nonsurgical spinal decompression is a type of motorized traction that may help relieve neck and back pain. Spinal decompression works by gently stretching the spine. That changes the force and position of the spine. This change takes pressure off the spinal disks, which are gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine, by creating negative pressure in the disc. As a result, bulging or herniated disks may retract, taking pressure off nerves and other structures in your spine. This in turn, helps promote movement of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids into the disks so they can heal.

What is 3D Active Trac?
The 3D Active Trac is new breakthrough in non-surgical decompression/traction treatment of the back and neck.

What makes the 3D Active Trac unique?
The 3D Active Trac combines traction, decompression, and 3D movement all in one device. This allows us to position your body perfectly for treatment, to address underlying problems that are unique to you. Since the spine moves in many directions, it only makes sense that the table does too. The 3D Active Trac provides a safe and effective way to deal with back and neck pain and help avoid unwanted surgery.

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